Building campaigns across multiple channels can be tough, let alone setting up all your communication programs to contact your customers at all the right moments. This is where Journey Builder comes in.

Journey Builder creates automated multi-channel campaigns, combining your communications into one platform. This gives you the opportunity to take control of the customer lifecycle and influence the different stages of purchase decisions – easily.

Journey Builder is built on events, which are triggered by your customer behaviour. This could be as simple as submitting a form, or something more sophisticated, such as being present at a physical location. The type of behaviour, combined with anything you already know about your customer, determines what type of communication is sent to them.

Get intimate with 1:1 marketing

Sending a direct email or text based on your customers most recent interaction with you gives them a true one to one experience. This means that brand is at the front of their mind, building loyalty and, ultimately, increasing your ROI. Journey Builder can help provide this 1:1 experience across your customer database.

Sync your world with cross platform integrations

Because Journey Builder integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, the integrity of your data is maintained. This lets you easily share (and compare!) information across your platforms to better understand their needs. It also helps cut down on duplicate customer info, making everyone’s life a little easy.

If you’d like to implement a Journey Builder solution, or just want some more information, we’d love to hear from you.