Recently, Salesforce announced a range of new features for Social Studio. Release updates are an exciting time at Amicus, mostly because it gives us a chance to geek out over the new features – and boy, do we geek out! To help you get the most from the latest update, here’s a few of our favourite new features.

Facebook Reviews are now integrated

When you’re running a business, big or small, online reviews are integral to your reputation. The good news is that you can now see reviews in Social Studio left on your Facebook Local page. You can filter by rating, reply to reviews, apply workflows, as well as send reviews through to Salesforce Service Cloud.

Emoji support

Emoji support is now available in both Engage and Analyse, which we ❤! This is especially helpful in determining if your customers are feeling ? or ?, giving you a better handle on sentiment – as well as adding some colour and context to your replies. (Look out for Emoji in Publish in 2017!)

Better retweet visualisation and direct message character length

This makes reading just that little bit easier.

Keyword updates

It’s not just important to know what your customers are saying, but also how they’re saying it. To help with this insight, keywords and keyword groups have been added to Workbenches for both Topic Profiles and Social Accounts. This makes me feel ?.

Custom dashboards

Dashboards let you see your high-level info at a glance, and now you can design your own. Monitor what you want, how you want. You can even include multiple accounts on the same dashboard.

Publishing reminders for Instagram

Unfortunately direct publishing to Instagram still isn’t available, but this isn’t Social Studio’s fault; it’s to do with Instagram’s API. But now you can set yourself publishing reminders, which will pop up on your phone with the content you want to publish.

Publish Facebook Carousels direct

Carousels are a great way to grab the attention of a quick-fingered Facebook user, and you can now post them directly from Social Studio. You’ll be able to post up to five images or videos, as well as customise the link and headline for each image.

In-App notifications for account token re-authentication

Social Studio will now send you a notification one of your channels needs re-authenticating. This minimises the time your networks are disconnected, ensuring you maximise your engagement opportunities.

NSFW filter

Command Centre has a new not safe for work filter, which shows only family-friendly content when activated. You’ll be able to display your dashboards to both senior leaders and clients without worrying about obscene content.

iPad Command Centres

Command Centre can now be presented on an iPad (though unfortunately not iPad Pro) using Safari. Not only can this save thousands of dollars on hardware and maintenance, it also makes your Command Centres mobile.

These are just a few of the recent upgrades that our team are geeking out about—if you want to know more, drop us a line!

What’s your favourite update? Let us know in the comments below.