Salesforce have just announced the next round of releases for Social products. Our Social Analysts are geeking out in excitement and can’t wait to get their hands on them! This is what they’re most looking out for.

Social Studio


When using Emoji in Publish, you can now search for the Emoji that you want to use. There are over one thousand to choose from, including multi-ethnic and flag emoji. Just keep in mind, emoji does appear differently across operating systems and browsers.


For Twitter, In-Reply to information is displayed with the post, giving you much more context around the Tweet.

The Image Lightbox has been improved, displaying images at a higher resolution

You can soon use in Engage to shorten URLS and track metrics through! You’ll need to shorten the URL on a post by post basis as this isn’t done by default. We’re eagerly awaiting to see if this can be done in an Engage Macro…


You’ll be able to segment a Dashboard with Boolean based keywords, improving the Dashboard context and speed of analysis.

Something we’re really excited about is macros in Analyse Dashboards! This lets you apply workflows directly in the Dashboard, producing more accurate reports and faster responses.

Mixed Dashboards give you a view of your entire social footprint by monitoring a number of social networks or Topic Profiles. Date ranges have also been expanded, letting you zero in on what really matters.

More analysis can be done with Advanced Card Configuration, letting you apply filters to individual cards in a Dashboard, as well as renaming and resizing cards to make them easier to present.

Focused Exports

Exporting data has been overhauled too. Focusing on an individual card on a Dashboard or Workbench, you’ll be able to distinguish between retweets and quote tweets and see when the post was first assigned.


Admins can now change the owner of a page. So, if someone leaves the business, the Admin can easily make this change without having to chase anyone and suffer downtime on the channel. Also, page owners can set Agencies to manage only selected pages, as well as redistribute pages to other page admins. We’re forever chasing page owners, so this change makes us very happy!

Command Centre

The new Facebook Ads Visualisation displays advertising campaign metics such as total spend, actions, clicks and impressions, letting you continuously assess Facebook ads and modify them. You can also view ads across brands or products lines.

Facebook Reviews, including comments and replies can now be visualised and organised to focus on detractors or promoters.

Social Hub

Facebook Review scores can now trigger an action! You can apply a Workflow depending on the score, so low scores could be sent to Service Cloud and High Scores could have an author label applied.