Salesforce’s Connections 2 U returns to the ICC in Sydney this Friday (27th September). With it comes a vast range of talks, workshops and (hopefully) comprehensively sick loot. Amicus will be in attendance at the Dentsu stand, and we’re going to be right in the middle of The Gallery conference area, so be sure to come along and say hello. There’s a lot to see, so I’ve asked our team to pick out their particular standouts. This should help you to plan your journey to get the very most out of the day. Check us out as we’ll be allowing you to create art using only the power of your brain waves. The most accomplished Professor X of the day will win a prize, which we may or may not have decided upon yet. If you are going to win, you’d know that already.

There’s a Salesforce Events app that is available on both Apple and Android that allows you to plan events and sessions from your phone at the event. It does not require a login. It’s worth curating your plan for the day ahead of time, mainly based on the educated and insightful experience of the Amicans below. Also, they do rejig timings and locations of events at the last minute sometimes.

Paul Hart – Marketing Consultant:

I believe that these are two of the must-see events of the day. They both involve Dentsu’s CEO Henry Tajer (under whose umbrella Amicus falls. Hi Henry!), he is consistently excellent value and brutally honest about the state of the industry. Take time to see these. Lunch is for wimps/later.

12:15 – 12:45 – Is Customer Experience a Hopeless Ideal? – C4.1 – Henry Tajer (Dentsu) + Roger Slater (Citibank)

We have Henry from Dentsu and Roger from Citibank talking about one of the most frequent issues that have to be dealt with by senior marketers today: The marketing stack is a large and convoluted system of multiple platforms that solve problems in different ways. How do you manage this barrage of information, that can often be extraordinarily opaque, in a way that ensures that you are delivering the best outcomes for your customers?

1:15 – 1:45 The Journey Back to Trust (panel) – C4.4 – Henry Tajer (Dentsu) + Jo Gaines (Salesforce) + Paul McIntyre (Mi3) 

This panel promises to address some of the most contentious issues in modern marketing. In recent times the openness and honesty of reporting in digital advertising have been questioned extensively. As the use of targeting and AI becomes more and more prevalent, the opacity as to how these campaigns perform are areas of vigorous discussion. Aside from the topic being very interesting, we have some of the most engaging public speakers that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing recently. We have Dentsu’s own Henry Tajer, who delivers some brutally honest truth-bombs on a regular basis, Jo Gaines from Salesforce who is a phenomenal speaker, as well as Mi3’s Paul McIntyre. Paul is the Executive Editor of Mi3 and is not known to shrink away from confronting controversial topics in the marketing space. Mi3 is one of the more insightful and refreshing marketing resources in APAC right now. I suggest you check them out. This event offers both insight and (potential) entertainment in a single package. I heartily recommend you attend.

Rachael Bryce – Senior Implementation Consultant

9:00 – 9:30 – C4.8 – Create Seamless Omnichannel Experiences with Mulesoft

Having experienced the build of a single System API, the product offering of Mulesoft across system APIs, process APIs and Experience APIs has me intrigued to see what the product positioning will be across the many Salesforce products which don’t always talk directly to each other. Many external parties may need to know a specific language in order to access the data. The ability to use a standard language across the many connections is a promising way to develop a true single customer response in a functioning one-to-one strategy approach.

Connections Tip:

If you aren’t sure about which talks to attend, or they aren’t resonating with you, I recommend finding the Developers Corner. It may be called a corner, a fireside chat or a circle of success, but there are valuable small talks for the nerd in you to take some technical knowledge away.

Nicholas Humphries – Account Manager

11:30 – 12:00 – C4.8 – Salesforce Solutions for the 360 Degree View of the Customer

I am interested in this to get a better understanding of customer touch-points throughout the customer journey and how they interact through both Marketing Cloud activities and website/web form engagement. 

Attribution modelling, social media strategy and customer lifecycles mean nothing until a properly planned and maintained view of the customer is available. The gaps in knowledge, access and speed of reply cause damage to a relationship with a customer. “I just bought my tickets, why are you re-targeting me two weeks later to buy them still?”

This session should demonstrate how we can now provide all-encompassing reporting and analytics for marketing activities using the 360-view.

Alex Wong – Solutions Consultant 

3:00 – 3:40 – C4.4 – All the B2C and B2B Marketing Trends You Need to Know

With all the emerging marketing technologies available, such as AI, Voice and increasingly personalised content, consumers are becoming more aware of how their data is used. I am very interested to hear the challenges faced by organisations in the way they communicate with their customers and how the industry will address consumers concerns to achieve a sweet spot between useful and creepy communications.

3:30 – 4:10 – C4.2 – Break Down Silos to Create Seamless Journeys with Your Customers

This one should be a gem! Being an advocate of alignment and collaboration between organisational teams in planning and delivery-marketing strategies, I’m looking forward to insights on how teams and departments can optimize their Marketing and Sales initiatives.

So that’s all folks. Have a great time and let us know if you find something of particular value. Do come and visit us. The hashtag for this event is #CNX19. We’ll be doing some post-event research on this, so get active – we can make you famous(ish).


The Amicans