Having spent a fair number of years working across clients with substantial digital investment, I’ve come to notice a trend that actually impacts marketers more than they realise:

We tend to adopt new social channels as flippantly as our New Year resolutions.

Between your Australia Day hangover and the distant memories of your December break, you may have heard about the new social site called ‘Peach’? Well, it’s dead.

While I’m all for the growth and investment in social, rushing to adapt and adopt your social strategy based on trends and not validated research can leave you feeling less than peachy.

So before you plunge into the depths of new channel-land, I urge you to take a step back and think.

For a deeper dive into what and how to audit your social effort, download GAME PLAN, our checklist for starting the social year on the right foot.

And if you’re still itching to get on Peach – here’s how and what to expect from our friends over at CNET.

Sharpen your focus on ROI

Now is the time to take stock and review the success and failures of the year that was. Just because investment in social has doubled or tripled, doesn’t mean your channel spread should. Instead you should be having conversations about measuring the value of each of your channels.

This is what I’m thinking?

Less can indeed be more. Cut back and cull; sharpen and refocus. The key to driving a successful social media plan into the year ahead lies in building on the success and failures of what was, and looking forward to drive commercial return.

There are FOUR things you must do today

Doing these four things today will help you create the social relevance you need to succeed in 2016:

  1. Conduct a health check of your environment, and especially the data and reporting which you can use to establish social benchmarks
  2. Review the best and worst of 2015 and use this to refresh your social playbook, the social compass of the business
  3. Review and audit the technology you have, you need and simply can’t do without
  4. Refine and update your social strategy to ensure relevance in the year ahead

The right game plan delivers results

A solid social media strategy that dovetails into overarching business goals is far more likely to deliver results (or commercial return) than spreading your workload and social inventory across even more channels in the hope that something finally works.

Snapchat is a great example of a network that is pushing marketers into defining their social purpose. It’s not a natural fit for brands, so they have to work harder to define quantifiable value. And it’s quantifiable and measurable value that we need to aspire towards from our social efforts.

Build on your strengths

Before you power up your PC and create profile pics for all your new channels; step back, assess what is truly right for your business and lead your team with a marketing plan built for success.

Build on your strengths; focus on the measurable wins and resist the urge to follow the trends and plough your way through the unnecessary adoption of new channels.