Record Count Column Included in Contact Builder Data Extensions

A feature so simple yet so helpful, we can finally see record counts in Contact Builder when viewing data extensions, a feature that’s been available in email studio for years.

Synchronized Data Extensions Remove Select All Checkbox

An update that will primarily impact new SFMC accounts and activations, the Select All option allowing users to select all fields for an object on the select entity screen was removed to “enhance synchronized data performance”.
For customers with new accounts looking to set up Marketing Cloud Connect and sync objects, prepare to wear your mouse out while clicking through hundreds of fields for mildly improved performance.

Build Messages with Sitecore Content Hub Content

A very useful update for Sitecore customers, Sitecore Connect allows you to build Content Builder messages with images stored in Sitecore Content Hub (StyleLabs). The connector installs the Sitecore Content Hub Connect custom content block, which you drag in a message and select your Sitecore images.

Classic is Being Retired – Slowly

Salesforce is starting to fulfil its promise to retire Classic. In this update we say goodbye to some features you probably never used anyway:

  • Approvals Classic in Marketing Cloud Email Studio – use Content Builder Approvals to approve emails.
  • The creation of Classic live content in Marketing Cloud Email Studio – Use Content Builder partner blocks or the Content Builder Block SDK to create live content.
  • SMS Interactions – Despite retiring this feature in September 2019 it has made the list again, probably as a gentle reminder.

The creation of Classic emails is scheduled for retirement in all Marketing Cloud Email Studio accounts at the beginning of June 2020.

It’s worth noting that there are some Classic features which are here to stay for now. These include Email Studio features not included in the retirement:

  1. View classic emails, templates, and content areas
  2. Access to Portfolio
  • Sending classic email
  1. Landing Pages
  2. Email classic SOAP APIs
  3. Distributed Sending

Create, Send, and Monitor Single Send Journeys from Journey Builder

A feature that appears to focus on re-homing batch and blast sends from Email Studio to Journey Builder with the allure of “a streamlined experience for simpler sends”.

How much value this feature will bring to a batch and blast campaign will be determined by your willingness to configure extra steps to send an email.

Import and Export Automations Between Accounts & BU’s with Deployment Manager

This actually sneaked into a December 2019 patch for all SFMC customers, but the official notes are now available.

You can copy the design and configuration of your automations into another account or business unit using Deployment Manager. Create a snapshot of an automation. Then upload it to another business unit or account. Deployment Manager recreates the design of the original automation and reconfigures some of the activities and underlying data extensions.

Create New Marketing Cloud Users Directly from Setup Home

Salesforce is charging ahead with its focus on revitalising the Marketing Cloud platform to be more aligned with the look and feel of Salesforce’s Lightning UI. They’ve given us a fresh, sleek way to create new users.

The January 2020 Marketing Cloud release will take place from January 25 through February 1.
For a full list of the January 2020 release notes: