The ringing in of the New Year is like opening the floodgates; New Year resolutions inspire our enthusiasm and swirl around our faces before subsiding into every other day of the year. So, rather than chipping in with my thoughts on resolutions digital marketers should be making, I instead wanted to share the below clip with you from Kamal Sarma – an author and international consultant on mindfulness, who also happens to be our Chairman.

It’s easy to become cynical as our resolutions come and go and all those aspirations we had fall by the wayside as Business As Usual takes over. Instead Kamal’s advice is to abandon fleeting resolutions and adopt a word for the year.

This has as much relevance for our marketing programs as it does for our personal lives.

We live in a hyperactive world and surely marketers are its most acute sufferers of ADHD. Our attention is constantly pulled in multiple directions, our channels multiply on a seemingly daily basis, technology isn’t just disrupting our industry ? it’s blowing it to pieces and as we try to keep up we rob ourselves of much needed focus. As a result our effort becomes diluted and we multitask ourselves to mediocrity?or worse.

We tell the people we invested so heavily to acquire, that despite knowing so much about them, they’re just not important enough to us to focus on properly. We create experiences that are generic, unimaginative, and irrelevant. In short, our inability to focus means we utterly fail to fulfil our brand promise.

Now, I’m no Zen master and my mindfulness muscle is in serious need of a workout, but I do wonder what would happen if we applied Kamal’s philosophy to our digital and marketing programs. If we were to choose a single word that encapsulates what we wanted to get out of our program this year, would we get a better result? What would the customer journey look like for a program with the word ? vitality? at its heart. What would be the experience of customers of a program with the word ?fun??

In this age of micro moments where it is harder and more expensive than ever to get the attention of consumers, let alone get them to act, only those brands that differentiate themselves by their experiences, their understanding of the customer and the value they deliver to them will be the ones that succeed.

And before you say it’s all just too hard, these brands exist and you know who they are ? they’re the ones that you like to hear from, whose emails you don’t delete as soon as they arrive in your inbox, and whose posts you actively seek out and engage with.

So maybe now, in the quiet at the start of the year, before everything kicks off with a vengeance, it’s a good time to consider what you want for your brand or your program in 2016 and how you can make it stand out through a bit of focus.

This year my word is discipline. My roles are varied and demanding ? I’m a father, husband and friend as well as a business owner driving a fast-growing startup, motivating a talented team, serving smart and ambitious clients.

Successfully delivering in all those roles simply is not possible without the discipline to create the right habits and carve out time to truly focus on the things that will grow my personal and business success.

So discipline is my word for 2016 and it will be hard and I am also incredibly excited about what this year holds.

What will your word be?