What to Expect when Migrating from Radian6 to Social Studio

Salesforce has announced that the Radian6 Engagement Console, Summary Dashboard and Mobile App will be discontinued. Users of these features will need to migrate across to Social Studio before June 2017, when support for Radian6 will cease.

Why are these features being discontinued?

You can read the announcement here, but what Salesforce have said is:

“Social Studio brings together capabilities of the Analysis Dashboard, Summary Dashboard and the Engagement Console into a single web-based product, with additional social networks for listening and engagement. The Social Studio mobile app enables you to support your social listening, engagement, and publishing strategy on the go through iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. We also want to ensure new customers are starting their implementations on the long term product and architecture.”

Migrating from Radian6 to Social Studio?

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What does this mean for users of these features?

You’ll need to start thinking about moving across to Social Studio sooner rather than later. There are a couple areas where Social Studio and Radian6 don’t have parity, specifically Influencer Reports and Email Alerts, so you’ll need to plan around this to avoid disappointing any stakeholders.

How do we get access to Social Studio?

If you’re a Radian6 customer, you’ll have a Social Studio account already provisioned. Just go to socialstudio.radian6.com and use the same username and password that you use to login into Radian6 with.

Will we need to start from scratch?

No, you’ll have all of your users and Topic Profiles in Social Studio, so you’ll be able to start using the platform straight away. However, your Radian6 reports won’t be available and you’ll need to setup Analyse Dashboards and Workbenches to get visualisations. These reports are very intuitive and easy to understand so should not pose an issue. Just let us know if you need a hand.

I only use Engagement Console do I really need to move to Social Studio?

Yes, Engagement Console users will need to move to Social Studio to Publish and Engage with social networks. The good news is that Social Studio has more features and a far more intuitive user experience than the Engagement Console, so managing workflows will be much easier.

Why can’t I see my Reports in Social Studio?

The Radian6 reports won’t be moved into Social Studio as the Analyse tool in Social Studio displays reports differently. The Dashboards and Workbenches will provide reports that are comparable to the reports found in Radian6, with the exception of the Influencer report.

Where can we get help?

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