Topic Profiles in Social Studio

Radian6 and Social Studio both use Topic Profiles and the good news is is that you won’t need to recreate them when you migrate. All Topic Profiles created in Radian6 will be visible in Social Studio. You’ll still need to manage the Workspaces and Users around the Topic Profile, but the hard work is done.

If you’re migrating, this might be a good time to review your Topic Profiles. We’d recommend removing any Topic Profiles that you don’t need anymore as well as setting any Private Topic Profiles to Public. This just makes it easier to manage the Topic Profiles in Social Studio. You’ll be able to switch them back to Private, but we’d recommend using the Workspaces and Users to determine who has access.

Migrating from Radian6 to Social Studio?

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Key Differences

The Social Networks that are available to monitor have been upgraded in Social Studio, with options for Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIN that weren’t available in Radian6. Additionally, My Space has been removed from Social Studio.

TIP! – If you have any Topic Profiles that are monitoring My Space, uncheck the My Space media type in Radian6. We’ve noticed an issue that impacts on changing the Topic Profile in Social Studio if My Space is being monitored.

Keywords in Keyword Groups can no longer be copied to other groups. Although this was a bit of a time-saver in Radian6, it’s currently unavailable in Social Studio.

Sentiment Subjects are no longer part of the Topic Profile in Social Studio and have been replaced with a far more robust Sentiment Model. This lets you moderate the sentiment using content from posts and making incremental changes to the model.

Influencer EQ Weightings have also been removed from Topic Profiles, which in turn has led to the Influencer Report not being available in Social Studio.