Social Studio Feature Release Notes June 2019

Hello All,

The new Feature Release is upon us, with a couple of huge quality-of-life improvements for regular users.


Instagram Videos

This welcome update allows users to upload videos to their Instagram Business account within Social Studio rather than having to rely on the mobile-push solution.

Persona Insights

This feature allows for the creation of Persona Groups within Social Studio Analyze.

Within a card powered by Twitter data, it’s possible to export the information of that group into a Persona Summary. Click the drop-down arrow in the top right of the card you wish to use and select Create Twitter Persona Group.

Also, well done Jess!
Also, well done Jess!

I’ll hand over to former Amican (and now Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce) Leigh Price to talk through the functionality in more detail:

This feature currently has limited flexibility yet still offers some great insights straight out of the box.

Facebook @mentions Engagements
It’s now possible to track any Facebook @mention of your brand on pages other than your own and respond to them directly. I’d suggest creating a specific @mentions column within the Engage tab. Open up Settings and then filter by Media Type > Mentions.


Tweet Availability
At Twitter’s request, any tweets, retweets or quotes from banned or deleted accounts will no longer display in Social Studio. Similarly, neither will messages from users who have chosen to protect their tweets. This will not be a big deal for most users, however, it may help explain any mysteriously disappearing posts.


That’s all for this update. If you’d like to discuss and-and-all things Social Studio, please get in touch with us at

Social Studio: April Patch Notes

The April update to Social Studio brings some nice quality-of-life changes. Here’s a quick summary of each of the changes:

Analyse – Instagram Hashtag Listening

Instagram Hashtag Summary improves your ability to listen to your Instagram hashtags. Add new hashtags to your account in the Admin Menu (look for Instagram Hashtags in the left hand side). You can then generate custom dashboards based on these.

Instagram Hashtag Dashboard


Reviews are now available as a new Media Type within Social Studio, pulling in reviews from over 400 major sites, such as Amazon and Expedia. This allows you to monitor trends in reviews, drivers of positive or negative sentiment, as well as to filter reviews by star rating. It provides an at-a-glance overview of what people around the web are saying about your products.


Engage – Predefined Replies

Save your Community Managers some time by integrating replies to frequently asked questions into Social Studio. You can create these in the Admin menu under Engagement Responses. They’re not Workspace-specific, so any of your users can select from a common pool of predefined responses. Once these have been created, there’s a new “Select Response” option beneath the content window once a user clicks to reply.


Other Notes:

YouTube content (both comments and videos) now lives under a dedicated Media Type, rather than being included with generic “Videos”. You may wish to update any topic profiles that focus on video accordingly.

It’s possible to allocate the same social media account to multiple different Workspaces. With the new calendar functionality, you can now easily see all posts that are scheduled to go live with a particular account, regardless of which Workspace the content was created in. This allows you to easily avoid scheduling posts on top of one another by accident. Simply go into your Workspace settings and click Sharing.

You can view the full update details here.

Social Studio Feature Release Notes – June 2017

Social Studio


Play GIFs and Videos

GIFs and videos can now be played in the Engage console, without leaving to visit the post natively. This brings efficiency to better understanding the context of conversations.

Increased Language Support

Arabic, Hebrew and Persian have been added to the languages you can view conversations and respond to customers in. Social Studio automatically detects the language and supports right-to-left script.

This functionality only applies to engagement and does not support listen or publish.


Pinterest Dashboard

Now you can better gauge a customer’s propensity to buy with Pinterest analytics in Dashboards on desktop and mobile.

Easily view and track volume for your pins containing links, photos, and videos, plus comments to better understand engagement. Gauge the overall sentiment and view top words for your pins and comments.


Admin Override for Post Approvals

Workspace Admins, Owners, and Organisation Super Users can now override and approve or reject posts pending approval.

This is great for teams with long or complex approval rules, this enhancement helps accelerate approvals for time sensitive posts. If a posts is stuck because an approver is on leave, or has left the company, an authorised user can approve posts on their behalf.


Report of Keyword Groups in Active Topic Profiles

You can now export and import Topic Profile keyword groups. This is great for sharing information with your team or client and storing keywords from Topic Profiles you’re making major changes to, or would like to remove from Social Studio.

Social Studio Mobile

Fresh new Look for Engage

This release gives the Engage feed within the Social Studio mobile app a fresh new look to improve navigation so you can easily manage your social properties.

Updated font and text colours provide greater clarity when reviewing content. Reorganised Workflow attributes allow you to quickly see the actions taken on a post. New icons for author labels, post labels, notes, and sentiment for better identification have been added.

This feature applies to iOS only, Android version coming soon.

Influencer Score for Twitter Posts

Better understand and prioritise posts based on customer information. Influence data now displays on posts in Social Studio Mobile.

Use an Influencer score with a scale of 100 to understand customer impacts based on reach and post frequency. View the influencer score next to the users Twitter handle in the Engage feed. Tap the user avatar in the Engage feed or inspector to navigate to the author profile where you may also view the influencer score.

Video Support for Published Posts

Understanding the content published by your brand is extremely important. It is especially important when you have to approve a post to be published. Publish now supports videos, allowing you to identify a post with a video in the calendar. Tap the video in the calendar to play it in the Publish inspector.

This release adds this feature to Android. iOS can already use this functionality.

Command Center

Sales Leaderboard Visualisation

Get the full picture of your team’s sales performance and encourage a healthy competition amongst team members. Boost employee motivation by ranking sales performance of your team. Understand how your team is performing with total amount closed. View how many deals each member of your team is closing and share strategies with each other to be more productive to close more deals.

This feature requires a Sales Cloud subscription.

Customise Themes to Match Your Brand

Enhance your Command Center themes even further by tailoring them to better reflect your brand.

When creating new themes, upload the background image with .png, .jpeg or .gif file formats up to 5MB in size. Choose how the image is sized to your theme with scaled to fit or original size options. Once you create your theme, see the background image preview and logo for your theme for easy identification.

Social Hub

View As and Permissions Changes

This release more closely aligns Social Automation permissions with Social Studio so that you can get value out of our powerful rules engine more quickly. Super users can view rules and data sources that other super users created by using the View As feature. Quickly understand what other rules and data sources have been set up across your organisation.

Social Studio Release Notes – April 2017

The April release for Social Studio is now live. Here’s what you can expect to see.

Social Studio

New Features

Emoji Support across Social Studio

You can now use Emoji across all of Social Studio! In Publish, you’ll be able search and select Emoji to talk to your audience, while Engage now displays Emoji properly and lets you select Emoji to use in your responses.

But the most exciting use for Emoji is in Analyse, where you can now use it to measure sentiment, improving the accuracy of the sentiment model.

This makes us so 😀 we want to 💃🏽 🕺🏻!

Facebook Inbox Message Conversation

This new feature lets you see Facebook Inbox messages in Engage, where you can view the full message thread as well as assign, label and prioritise the messages. This lets you offer the same level of service to Inbox message as other social posts.

YouTube Engagement

You can now manage your YouTube community in Social Studio! In Engage, you can use all the usual workflows, such as assign, label and prioritise on comments left on your channel.

New Insights!

Radian6 users will remember the Free Insights and these now in Social Studio. These will help you refine the insights that you develop in Workbenches:

Hashtags Used: Understand which hashtags are use by your audience and the context in which they use them

Top Usernames Mentioned: Shows the top 50 Twitter handles that are dominating the conversation.

Top Domains Mentioned: Shows web properties that are providing the key content to drive conversations

Top Sources: Illustrates the leading providers of content across Usernames and Domains.

Custom Dashboards & New Metrics

Dashboards are now completely customisable! You can build a Dashboard from a template, or start out with a blank canvas. Either way, you’ll be able to build out a Dashboard that reflects your reporting needs in no time.

As well as that that, there are 13 new metrics that you can explore to compare your growth, engagement and performance.

Transfer Ownership of Topic Profiles

Finally, an end to chasing up Topic Profile owners when you need to make a change! This feature lets an Admin user change who owns the Topic Profile, so no time or effort is lost.

Also, Workspace Admins will be able to modify Topic Profiles to suit their Workspace’s needs instead of having to create multiple Topic Profiles that listens for similar content.

Lock Down Select Set of Labels

Community Managers rejoice! You can now lock down the label sets so that other users can’t add new labels. This will speed up Engage solution implementations as well as improve the accuracy of your Dashboard & Workbench reports.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

You’ll notice the Engage columns will load faster and the in-reply users handle is now excluded from the character count on Tweets. You can now export out a list of labels to better manage the most relevant tags as well as see when your social accounts were last authorised on Social Studio.

Command Centre

Web Canvas Visualisation

You can now iFrame in web page content to provide more context or more analysis to Command Centre. Include reports from Salesforce CRM or display your e-store, provided the page supports iFrames, you’ll be able to present it in Command Centre.

Retweet Filtering

On screens such as the Feed Wall, you can toggle Retweet Filtering, to stop the same Tweet appearing through retweets. This displays more content to build up a better picture of social listening.

What are you most excited about? Let us now in the comments!



Radian6 Features End of Life Announcement

Radian6 Engagement Console, Summary Dashboard and Mobile App won’t be availble from June 2017.

Today (February 22nd, 2017), we noticed this announcement on the Salesforce Knowledge Base.

Essentially, it means that Radian6’s Engagement Console, Summary Dashboard and Mobile App will not be available from June this year. If you’re currently using any of these features of Radian6, you’ll need to move across to Social Studio.

We’ve set up a micro-site to help you migrate across from Radian6 to Social Studio and we’ll continue to update this as we get news from Salesforce.

Of course, if you’d like us to help you out, we’ve done lots of these migrations before! Contact us now to get started.

Social Studio Release Notes – January 2017

Salesforce have just announced the next round of releases for Social products. Our Social Analysts are geeking out in excitement and can’t wait to get their hands on them! This is what they’re most looking out for.

Salesforce have just announced the next round of releases for Social products. Our Social Analysts are geeking out in excitement and can’t wait to get their hands on them! This is what they’re most looking out for.

Social Studio


When using Emoji in Publish, you can now search for the Emoji that you want to use. There are over one thousand to choose from, including multi-ethnic and flag emoji. Just keep in mind, emoji does appear differently across operating systems and browsers.


For Twitter, In-Reply to information is displayed with the post, giving you much more context around the Tweet.

The Image Lightbox has been improved, displaying images at a higher resolution

You can soon use in Engage to shorten URLS and track metrics through! You’ll need to shorten the URL on a post by post basis as this isn’t done by default. We’re eagerly awaiting to see if this can be done in an Engage Macro…


You’ll be able to segment a Dashboard with Boolean based keywords, improving the Dashboard context and speed of analysis.

Something we’re really excited about is macros in Analyse Dashboards! This lets you apply workflows directly in the Dashboard, producing more accurate reports and faster responses.

Mixed Dashboards give you a view of your entire social footprint by monitoring a number of social networks or Topic Profiles. Date ranges have also been expanded, letting you zero in on what really matters.

More analysis can be done with Advanced Card Configuration, letting you apply filters to individual cards in a Dashboard, as well as renaming and resizing cards to make them easier to present.

Focused Exports

Exporting data has been overhauled too. Focusing on an individual card on a Dashboard or Workbench, you’ll be able to distinguish between retweets and quote tweets and see when the post was first assigned.


Admins can now change the owner of a page. So, if someone leaves the business, the Admin can easily make this change without having to chase anyone and suffer downtime on the channel. Also, page owners can set Agencies to manage only selected pages, as well as redistribute pages to other page admins. We’re forever chasing page owners, so this change makes us very happy!

Command Centre

The new Facebook Ads Visualisation displays advertising campaign metics such as total spend, actions, clicks and impressions, letting you continuously assess Facebook ads and modify them. You can also view ads across brands or products lines.

Facebook Reviews, including comments and replies can now be visualised and organised to focus on detractors or promoters.

Social Hub

Facebook Review scores can now trigger an action! You can apply a Workflow depending on the score, so low scores could be sent to Service Cloud and High Scores could have an author label applied.

Social Studio Release Notes – November 2016

Release updates are an exciting time, mostly because we geek out over the new features – and boy, do we geek out!

Recently, Salesforce announced a range of new features for Social Studio. Release updates are an exciting time at Amicus, mostly because it gives us a chance to geek out over the new features – and boy, do we geek out! To help you get the most from the latest update, here’s a few of our favourite new features.

Facebook Reviews are now integrated

When you’re running a business, big or small, online reviews are integral to your reputation. The good news is that you can now see reviews in Social Studio left on your Facebook Local page. You can filter by rating, reply to reviews, apply workflows, as well as send reviews through to Salesforce Service Cloud.

Emoji support

Emoji support is now available in both Engage and Analyse, which we ❤! This is especially helpful in determining if your customers are feeling 👍 or 👎, giving you a better handle on sentiment – as well as adding some colour and context to your replies. (Look out for Emoji in Publish in 2017!)

Better retweet visualisation and direct message character length

This makes reading just that little bit easier.

Keyword updates

It’s not just important to know what your customers are saying, but also how they’re saying it. To help with this insight, keywords and keyword groups have been added to Workbenches for both Topic Profiles and Social Accounts. This makes me feel 👍.

Custom dashboards

Dashboards let you see your high-level info at a glance, and now you can design your own. Monitor what you want, how you want. You can even include multiple accounts on the same dashboard.

Publishing reminders for Instagram

Unfortunately direct publishing to Instagram still isn’t available, but this isn’t Social Studio’s fault; it’s to do with Instagram’s API. But now you can set yourself publishing reminders, which will pop up on your phone with the content you want to publish.

Publish Facebook Carousels direct

Carousels are a great way to grab the attention of a quick-fingered Facebook user, and you can now post them directly from Social Studio. You’ll be able to post up to five images or videos, as well as customise the link and headline for each image.

In-App notifications for account token re-authentication

Social Studio will now send you a notification one of your channels needs re-authenticating. This minimises the time your networks are disconnected, ensuring you maximise your engagement opportunities.

NSFW filter

Command Centre has a new not safe for work filter, which shows only family-friendly content when activated. You’ll be able to display your dashboards to both senior leaders and clients without worrying about obscene content.

iPad Command Centres

Command Centre can now be presented on an iPad (though unfortunately not iPad Pro) using Safari. Not only can this save thousands of dollars on hardware and maintenance, it also makes your Command Centres mobile.

These are just a few of the recent upgrades that our team are geeking out about—if you want to know more, drop us a line!

What’s your favourite update? Let us know in the comments below.

Facebook @Mentions, PDF reports and more: our favourite new features in Social Studio.

Salesforce recently announced a heap of new features and we can’t wait to take them for a spin.

Salesforce recently announced a heap of new features and we can’t wait to take them for a spin.

Listening & Analysis

You can’t give everyone access to Social Studio, which is why we’re really excited about the upcoming Print to PDF feature. This allows you to export Analysis Dashboards as high quality PDFs, sharing your insights across your organisation. You’ll also be able to export more data from the Analysis Dashboard, with exports of up to 500 000 posts available. We’re also excited about improved Sentiment management, refined data trending for Workbenches and greater understanding of social channel growth.


@mentions in Facebook is finally here! Now, you can target your Facebook post to an individual or organisations, improving your overall reach and increase your audience. Changing the date of a scheduled post can be achieved by dragging it to a new day on the calendar, and you can publish video and gifs to Twitter.


Another great feature is moving public Twitter conversations into private channels. This lets your agents focus on the individual, giving their concerns the importance and primacy that they deserve.


There are improvements to automating social listening, too. With Social Hub, there are improvements around how keywords are used, single rule across multiple Content Libraries and the limit of ten keywords/conditions has been lifted. Happy Days!

Contact us if you’d like to discuss how your team can use Social Studio Analyse to generate insights or use Engage to improve the productivity of your team.