Social Studio Feature Release Notes – June 2017

Social Studio


Play GIFs and Videos

GIFs and videos can now be played in the Engage console, without leaving to visit the post natively. This brings efficiency to better understanding the context of conversations.

Increased Language Support

Arabic, Hebrew and Persian have been added to the languages you can view conversations and respond to customers in. Social Studio automatically detects the language and supports right-to-left script.

This functionality only applies to engagement and does not support listen or publish.


Pinterest Dashboard

Now you can better gauge a customer’s propensity to buy with Pinterest analytics in Dashboards on desktop and mobile.

Easily view and track volume for your pins containing links, photos, and videos, plus comments to better understand engagement. Gauge the overall sentiment and view top words for your pins and comments.


Admin Override for Post Approvals

Workspace Admins, Owners, and Organisation Super Users can now override and approve or reject posts pending approval.

This is great for teams with long or complex approval rules, this enhancement helps accelerate approvals for time sensitive posts. If a posts is stuck because an approver is on leave, or has left the company, an authorised user can approve posts on their behalf.


Report of Keyword Groups in Active Topic Profiles

You can now export and import Topic Profile keyword groups. This is great for sharing information with your team or client and storing keywords from Topic Profiles you’re making major changes to, or would like to remove from Social Studio.

Social Studio Mobile

Fresh new Look for Engage

This release gives the Engage feed within the Social Studio mobile app a fresh new look to improve navigation so you can easily manage your social properties.

Updated font and text colours provide greater clarity when reviewing content. Reorganised Workflow attributes allow you to quickly see the actions taken on a post. New icons for author labels, post labels, notes, and sentiment for better identification have been added.

This feature applies to iOS only, Android version coming soon.

Influencer Score for Twitter Posts

Better understand and prioritise posts based on customer information. Influence data now displays on posts in Social Studio Mobile.

Use an Influencer score with a scale of 100 to understand customer impacts based on reach and post frequency. View the influencer score next to the users Twitter handle in the Engage feed. Tap the user avatar in the Engage feed or inspector to navigate to the author profile where you may also view the influencer score.

Video Support for Published Posts

Understanding the content published by your brand is extremely important. It is especially important when you have to approve a post to be published. Publish now supports videos, allowing you to identify a post with a video in the calendar. Tap the video in the calendar to play it in the Publish inspector.

This release adds this feature to Android. iOS can already use this functionality.

Command Center

Sales Leaderboard Visualisation

Get the full picture of your team’s sales performance and encourage a healthy competition amongst team members. Boost employee motivation by ranking sales performance of your team. Understand how your team is performing with total amount closed. View how many deals each member of your team is closing and share strategies with each other to be more productive to close more deals.

This feature requires a Sales Cloud subscription.

Customise Themes to Match Your Brand

Enhance your Command Center themes even further by tailoring them to better reflect your brand.

When creating new themes, upload the background image with .png, .jpeg or .gif file formats up to 5MB in size. Choose how the image is sized to your theme with scaled to fit or original size options. Once you create your theme, see the background image preview and logo for your theme for easy identification.

Social Hub

View As and Permissions Changes

This release more closely aligns Social Automation permissions with Social Studio so that you can get value out of our powerful rules engine more quickly. Super users can view rules and data sources that other super users created by using the View As feature. Quickly understand what other rules and data sources have been set up across your organisation.