Video-in-email has come a long way since we started getting excited about animated GIFs. Yet the fact that every significant email client displays anything more complicated than a standard image differently (if at all) has proven to be a massive blocker for widespread uptake on such functionality.

In order to remedy this, Amicus has recently partnered with the team at Playable to combine our best-in-market experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Playable’s outstanding solution to including video in email.

We spoke with Anthony Mansour about the platform and the Amicus partnership, “With our combined expertise, clients will be able to hit the ground running, deploying video-in-email to best-practice standards from the get-go.

“It’s great to be working with Amicus as early-adopters of the technology due to their deep knowledge of enterprise-level email solutions. and their ability to see the innovation and opportunities that video and live streaming to email campaigns now deliver.”

How hard is it to implement?

It’s not. Particularly for users of SFMC. Playable can be implemented via Salesforce’s AppExchange and integrated into your emails in a few clicks.

When you upload your video to Playable, their software dynamically generates hundreds of formats of that video, each of which is the best possible for each different email platform.

These are all accessed via a single link that’s dropped into your email within SFMC.

When a user opens your email, Playable, in realtime, understands the users’ environment (i.e. email client, network connection, device type, etc.) and streams the most optimized video for that individuals’ best viewing experience.

How does it perform?

At the moment, 95% of desktop users open their email on platforms that support video-in-email, and 100% of mobile email apps do too. The notable exception is old versions of Outlook desktop (pre- 365 and not GIFcompatible) which will continue to receive a static image with the play button watermark.

Let me see this in action.

Here are some Salesforce-specific examples that allow you to check for yourself how these videos perform on your devices.

If your marketing campaign uses video, your emails should too. Get in touch with your Amicus Account Manager or contact to see what we can do for you.