We make business
sense of the
best marketing
technology to
deliver outstanding results.


Amicus Digital is a Salesforce Gold Partner and we help businesses use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to its full potential. Bringing our expertise into your business to understand your needs and processes so we can implement the right strategies. Eliminating the complexities, teaching you along the way and helping you transform customer experiences and deliver ongoing return on investment.

Amicus Digital is a Salesforce Gold Partner

We get Marketing Technology and we help
you get it too.

Only a handful of businesses are taking full advantage of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing technology shouldn’t be hard and that’s why we help organisations take advantage of the best technologies for the success of their business, including ExactTarget, Social Studio, Advertising Studio and Salesforce DMP.

  • Salesforce Maketing Cloud
  • Social Studio
  • ExactTarget

Our Services Delivered to You
for Your Business

Amicus Digital are a team of specialists who understand your business needs and collaborate with you to formulate strategies to implement for greater success.

Consulting &

We help you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to its full potential, empowering you to achieve rich, relevant relationships with your customers.

Our role is to work with you, define an approach to transform your business goals and implement an achievable path to deliver it.

Technical Delivery & Implementation

Our team will help you drive your business and build the rules to define how and when you communicate with your customer.

We customise the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to your specific needs, integrating with the systems you already have in place.

Training, Enablement &

Our goal is to get you building relationships with customers instead of working out the software.

As an authorised Salesforce University Partner we work with you to provide a customised program that gets you using the tool quickly and makes the sophisticated simple along the way.

Social Listening &

We understand what is required to uncover valuable insights from social media.

It’s our role to provide recommendations for using these insights to deliver outcomes that add value to your business and your customers.

Amicus means friend and that is just what we will be to your business

Amicus Digital are a team of experts within digital marketing, helping clients make sense of the best marketing technologies available to them. We keep things simple and explain everything along the way.

The team has a lot in common, wanting to be there when a client needs us, whether it’s over the phone, in person or simply talking through business problems over a coffee. It’s why we do what we do everyday.

  • Be a Friend
  • Be a Friend
  • Be a Friend

The values we work by

Choosing the right marketing technology is only the beginning. Achieving your vision requires you to partner alongside the right team of specialists, with the right values, that know what is possible and how it can be realised.
Guiding you every step of the way.

Be a Friend

Your supporter and motivator. Someone who will be instrumental in helping you reach your goals, constantly challenging and streamlining the process to improve the outcome for your brand.

Focus on Customer Service

Great customer service is rare and that’s not good enough. We are passionately single minded about our customers and their success. Critiquing everything we do, ensuring we remain customer-focused, flexible, responsive and transparent.

Redefine high expectations

You’re only as good as the quality and effectiveness of your work and that’s why we always strive to deliver excellence. Finding the simplest possible solution and delivering it through a flexible yet rigorous process.

Encourage Entrepreneurial Gusto

Entrepreneurial in our thinking, spirit and our energy. Challenging the status quo to always be imaginative and never afraid to ask the hard questions. We’re enthusiastic by nature, with the aim of improving what we do every single time.

A great team
is infectious
and ours defines
our point of

Our Team

Our team comes from Salesforce, ExactTarget or businesses that have worked intimately with this suite of products. Together we help organisations understand these market-leading technologies to deliver a rich experience to their customers.

Brands We’ve Helped

We approach all the clients we work with as friends, looking out for their best interests and helping any way
we can.

  • SBS
  • Open Colleges
  • Citibank
  • Domain
  • Australian Rugby Union
  • NRMA
  • Australia Post
  • Universal Music
  • Loreal
  • Village Roadshow
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Youth Hostel Association Australia
  • Tabcorp
  • Brown Forman
  • Nestle

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Amicus Digital - Sydney

20 Windmill St
Millers Point, NSW 2000

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105 York Street
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Blair Cooke

Managing Director

“We set the bar high, really high”

Before founding Amicus Digital Blair ran the Salesforce Marketing Cloud in Australia and NZ. Prior to that he led the team serving ExactTarget’s customers throughout APAC. A digital and direct marketer with over 15 years experience, Blair has worked for both leading agencies and blue chip clients.


Jessie Mitchell

Commercial and Client Service Director

“Quality is more than just doing what you’ve been asked to do”

As one of the founding members of ExactTarget in APAC, Jessie managed key strategic accounts such as OO.com.au, Fairfax Media and Luxbet. Her blend of consultative strategic and technical skills allows her to understand what needs to happen and how best to achieve it.


Oscar Van Dijk

Technical Service Director

“I am the personal trainer for marketers”

Oscar has 8 years of agency data warehousing and digital marketing experience , working and has delivered and implement cross-channel marketing solutions for brands including Air New Zealand, Visa, Vodafone and Westpac.

He delivers engaging customer experiences through the design and build of simple yet sophisticated solutions and the use of Agile concepts.


Pere Marsinach

Project Manager


Kamal Sarma

Director Chairman

“The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

Kamal is one of the world’s leading experts on resilience , leadership and human connection, focusing on creating resilient leaders so that they can go on to create resilient organizations. He has held senior executive positions and been the co-founder of two venture capital businesses in the IT and biotech sector, with his most recent role as the Chair of RUOK’s Conversation Think Tank.and is an international best selling author.

He speaks globally on resilience and leadership and is an international best selling author, with his most recent role as the Chair of RUOK’s Conversation Think Tank.


David Murphy

Principal Solution Architect

David is a Salesforce Marketing cloud veteran in the APAC region. He has solved a myriad of marketing technology problems for an eclectic array of customers in many industries. News Limited, David Jones, Ardent Leisure, McDonalds, Fairfax and Woolworths are some of his all-time favourites.

Raised in the heartland of Tanzania, David was first gifted a computer by the tribal chieftain, much to the dismay of the witchdoctor, Ahzulh. So much so that the bitter sorcerer cast a hex upon David, cursing him with the gift of true-sight.

Now doomed to wander the earth seeking refuge from the last remnants of the Bezai tribe, David constantly keeps his wits focused and his skills honed.

Employing the ancient mystical kung-fu of Wing Chun, David defeats his enemies time and again.

For the moment, David has settled in Sydney as an employee of Amicus Digital.


Jo Smith

Account Services Director

Jo has 10 years of experience in direct, digital and data-driven marketing. She brings to her clients her deep experience of Salesforce Marketing Cloud having used it extensively in her roles managing the email marketing program for Fairfax Digital and again while running CRM for OPSM.

Her experience as a senior marketer for blue chip brands allows her to support her customers with strategic guidance that ensures they get maximum value out of their marketing cloud investment.


Brad Johnson

Account Director

Brad has nearly 20 years working in software services, managing people and projects across a broad array of industries, geographies and technologies. Working in both start-ups as well as established companies, he has built a career on delivering successful outcomes to his employers and their clients.

Brad is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to delivering client success, developing strong relationships both internally and across his accounts, and doing whatever it takes to ensure his clients realise the highest value from his services.

Brad has an excellent record of delivering projects on time and on budget and is regarded as both an effective manager and a talented leader. He has delivered successful projects and programs throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, leading diverse multi-disciplinary teams from disparate geographies.


Justin Grant

Head of Implementation & Senior Solution Architect

Justin has worked on many data-driven marketing projects across a variety of sectors, from tailoring personalised content for medical professionals to setting up scalable communications for some of Australia’s biggest lifestyle brands. He has a deep understanding of the digital marketing space and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and is comfortable providing consultation on complex implementations. Justin is also a qualified scientist, and has only just started to dip his toes into applying scientific principles to marketing measurement.


Grigory Chopik

Technical Architect

“Great success is like a mountain. You can only reach the top by climbing all the small steps to get there.”


Tracey Ho

Solution Architect


Rachael Bryce

Implementation Consultant


Zi Qian Lim

Solution Architect


Emily Joint

Team Lead, Project Management Office and Project Manager


Linda Wilson

Finance Manager


Jon Murphy

Strategic Account Director


Nick Humphries

Account Manager


Paul Hart

Advertising Technology Specialist


Corey Arashiro

Strategic Account Director


Milo Li

Implementation Consultant


Dane Kloos

Social Specialist


Simon Gawn

Client Partner


Brenton Rea

Implementation Consultant

“Brenton’s background lies in technical business analysis, having worked across various domains including media, public administration, real estate and aero. He enjoys tackling and understanding both the business and technical aspects in his projects.”


Oscar McCall

Solution Architect


Annie Thonipurakal

Assistant Accountant