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April 10, 2017

Marketing Cloud Release Notes – April 2017

The April Marketing Cloud Release has gone live!
April 7, 2017

Social Studio Release Notes – April 2017

The April release for Social Studio is now live. Here's what you can expect to see.
January 31, 2017

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release Notes – January 2017

Salesforce have just announced their January release for Marketing Cloud. Here are the features that we like the most. Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments!
January 17, 2017

What is Journey Builder

Building campaigns across multiple channels can be tough, let alone setting up all your communication programs to contact your customers at all the right moments. This is where Journey Builder comes in.
December 6, 2016

Say Hello: 3 Reasons Why You Need a Welcome Programme

Just like a first date, your customer's initial first impressions matter a great deal.