Salesforce Marketing Cloud June Notes: What You Need to Know

The latest release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a variety of improvements across the platform. Here are our highlights:

Increase Email Open Rates with Einstein Send Time Optimization
With Einstein Engagement, over time Marketing Cloud can identify and determine the optimal time to send communications to a customer to increase the chances of them engaging with the emails they receive.

Store More Content and See Large Email Warning
Content builder now allows you to store more assets in folders and will now also warn you if your emails are too large to prevent from rendering issues when emails are deployed to customers.
This is a helpful new function as you are now made aware if emails exceed 102kb which is the size limit for Gmail, which clips emails if they are larger than this size.

Create and Share Journey Templates
Not only can you now you can template common journey structures that you use but you can also share these across business units.

Track Message Changes with Mobile Audit Logging
Changes to mobile messages (MobileConnect, MobilePush, inbox and in-app messages) can now be tracked and who modifies a message is now noted in the Mobile Audit Log. This can be helpful to determine who last made changes to a Mobile message and can also be viewed in a running journey in the Mobile Activity. This needs to be enabled by support.

View Push/SMS Message Activity Configuration Details in Journey Builder
Checking the details of Mobile activities in journey builder can now be viewed whilst a journey is in flight, you no longer need to stop a journey to see details about how it has been configured. The good news is that, once it’s released, you can view this for journeys that are running pre-release.

Send Transactional SMS Messages via API
Much like emails, you can now have transactional SMS messages that are differentiated from your commercial SMS sends. This is useful to get vital information out to customers that’s not for a marketing purpose. As SMS is a very upfront real-time way to communicate, it will have better reach for urgent messages rather than a transactional email.

Use a Verified Dynamic Send Classification When Sending Emails
When sending Content Builder emails, you can now use a verified send classification that contains a sender profile where AMPscript is used to dynamically populate the From address. This means greater send personalisation, and it moves away from the previous constraints of dynamic sender profiles due to the release of From Address Management in a previous release.

Shared Salesforce Data Extension Option Included with All New Accounts
Sharing Salesforce data across business units used to require either a complex and unreliable query or manual recreation of the synchronised data extension in Shared Data Extensions. Now, all new Marketing Cloud Connect Enterprise 2.0 accounts that support shared objects have a shared Salesforce data extension option, ensuring a far more straightforward process for sharing Salesforce data across business units.

Use File Names to Create the URL of Published Content
Instead of using the random number that Content Builder generates at the end of the URL, Content Builder will now use the content’s file name. This eases the frustration of unreadable URL’s for images and should make content maintenance easier.

As always, if you’d like to have a conversation about any of the above, Amicus is here.

Callan Avery is a handsome and charismatic stallion that currently works as an Implementation Consultant at Amicus Digital, a Merkle Company.

Salesforce World Tour Returns to Sydney – 6th March 2019

Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2019

The World Tour comes but once a year, bringing with it a great number of seminars, demos, training sessions and tons of swag. However, with great choice comes great responsibility. How can you ensure that you get the most out of your day by choosing wisely between more than 100 sessions?

We’ve asked the Amicus team to share their picks to help guide you towards the best sessions for your areas of interest.

Jon Murphy – Strategic Account Director

I’m particularly looking forward to hearing about Salesforce’s recent acquisition of Datorama and what this means for seamlessly tying analytics into the platform ecosystem. Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing automation platform and to have this tied in with some more advanced analytics than before will help even the most advanced customers find out how to get additional ROI from their marketing.

9.15am – 9.45am. Delivering Stronger Marketing ROI through the Datorama platform

Zi Lim – Solutions Architect

I’m torn between both of the below events:

Interaction Studio

This is one of the less commonly used Salesforce products. It can be quite complex, but has the potential to be extremely powerful. Features updates and client case studies that should to be very interesting.

3:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m. Orchestrate an Omni-Channel Journey with Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio

Salesforce + Google

Salesforce + Google

Google integration with SFMC is a long-awaited feature. We’re expecting to see some really cool interactions brought to life and to learn more about how we can help customers with Google Analytics achieve more within the Salesforce ecosystem.

3:15 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. Better Together: Salesforce + Google Marketing Platform

Dane Kloos – Social Specialist

It will be interesting how to learn how Victoria Police work to deal with the crisis moments that are somewhat inevitable with law enforcement.

I love the Victoria Police channels. With many positive stories being promoted by their social media teams I find their content acts as an antidote to the constant barrage of negative police related news items we typically see from broadcast news sources.

How Victoria Police Delivered Realtime Emergency Services By Social Listening – 4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Simon Gawn – Client Partner

I’m 3 weeks into working for a new company whose foundations are built on believing in the power and truth of data and proving our value through performance.

Interpreting validated data with statistical trends gives our clients peace of mind that they are making the right decisions. Einstein Analytics is at the forefront of doing this, making it a powerful tool that I want to make it my mission to know everything about.

Einstein Analytics: AI + Analytics for Every Business Process – 4:00 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.

Milo Li – Implementation Consultant

I’m really looking forward to hearing from Leah Pope at Datorama. I’ve just been through a training bootcamp on my journey to becoming a certified implementation partner of Datorama and I’ve been very impressed at each touchpoint along the way. They’ve executed very well on internal touchpoints and I’m excited to hear how I can apply this to help me deliver the best customer service as well.  I think it would be very educational to hear her describe how to effectively deploy marketing strategies that generate maximal returns.

1:00 – 1:40 p.m. Marketing Cloud Keynote: Intelligent Marketing for the Empowered Consumer

Jessie Mitchell – Commercial & Client Service Director

Ron Kaufman, author, speaker & expert in Customer Experience will be one not to miss! He’s renowned for his point of view on ‘Service’, the notion of taking action to create value for someone else. This resonates really strongly for the culture we champion internally and how we collaborate with our Customers and Partners alike. There will definitely be takeaways for everyone from this talk, right down to your local barista!!!

1:00 – 1:40 p.m. – Guest Panel: Top Secrets for Driving a High Growth Organisation Level 1, Breakout D

Paul Hart – Advertising Technology Specialist


I’m very interested to see how myTrailhead has developed. It promises to be an incredibly useful (and quite fun) way to upskill colleagues and clients on new processes, platforms and products. There are six items on the agenda around myTrailhead, which implies there will be quite a push by Salesforce to drive adoption this year.


Secondly, I’m keen to find out more about Einstein. It’s popping up all across the Salesforce ecosystem and I feel that I don’t quite “get it” as well as I’d like. Seeing some applied examples should help clarify what exactly it can do and how it does it. There are five Einstein agenda items throughout the day, so I’m going to struggle find the time to catch up with my mate Cody this year.

Paul + Cody

You can find out more and sign up for Salesforce World Tour here.

Times and locations may change as we get closer to the event. Download the Salesforce Events app for iOS or Android to help plan your sessions throughout the day.

See you there!


Amicus Digital finalists in Telstra Business Awards

Amicus Digital is proud to be announced as a finalist in the New Business category of the Telstra Business Awards.

Amicus Digital is proud to be announced as a finalist in the New Business category of the Telstra Business Awards. The awards, which celebrate 25 years in 2017, honours the achievements of Australia’s best small and medium businesses.

This year the awards have been focused on what it takes to be ‘that’ business—an innovative, resilient and trusted business; a business that drives results, a business that inspires.

Amicus Digital have been nominated for helping businesses find the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, using training, research, analytics, and strategy to inspire results.

The nomination is a huge accomplishment for Amicus Digital, with Blair Cooke and Jessie Mitchell seeing it as recognition of the entrepreneurial culture they’ve built, and the hard work the team have done.

“We’re up against some tough competition, so winning is by no means assured,” said Cooke of the nomination, “But just making it this far is such a humbling acknowledgement of what our fantastic team has achieved so quickly.”

Amicus Digital says special thanks to their team, their customers, their friends and family, all of who have played an integral role making Amicus Digital the largest independent Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist in Australia.

Winners of the 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Awards will be announced on Tuesday 18 July, at Sydney Town Hall. For more information, including the full list of finalists, please visit