Social Studio User Roles & Permissions

Users between Radian6 and Social Studio are pretty much the same. At the Organisation Level, you have the Super User, Full User, Basic User and Admin Only.

Super User

These users are the same as the legacy Radian6 Super Users and let the user manage all aspects of the Social Studio tenant. This includes users, workspaces, social accounts and macros. A super user would generally be applied to a Community Manager or Social Manager, or whoever holds overall responsibility for social.

Full User

A Full User is similar to a Full User in Radian6, where they can edit and delete content that they own. Generally, they can’t modify the settings of other users. This type of user is usually setup for Workspace administrators or for people that are responsible for publishing and engaging.

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Basic User

The Basic User can create posts and engage, but can’t modify content created by others or change other user settings. We’d usually set Marketing Co-Ordinators or people responsible for day-to-day posting and customer service representative with this type of user.

Admin Only

The Admin Only user can perform administrative tasks, such as creating Topic Profiles and users, but does not have access to publish, enagage or analyse.

Workspace Users

In Social Studio, you can set a user to have access to specific Workspaces. Within these Workspaces, you can set different permission levels, so a Admin for on Workspace may be a Limited Member of another.


The Admin manages the users, social networks, any rules, macros and labels, as well as being able to publish content to all accounts.


This user can publish and engage with any account in the Workspace.

Limited Member

The Limited Member can be configured to have publish and/or engage access to social networks. For example, you may allow the Limited member to have publish access to your Facebook account, but no access to your LinkedIN account.