Social Studio Feature Release Notes January 2019

Salesforce Social Studio has released its January 2019 update, and it is meaty indeed.

Here are our key takeaways:


In a sign that Instagram has grown to become just as highly an engaged platform as Facebook, Instagram Comments and Reply Threads are now accessible in Social Studio. 3rd party access to Instagram has been spotty at best, so we’re very pleased to see this in the update. This means you can engage with Instagram audiences without leaving Social Studio.

This new update also sees data from contemporary content formats, such as Instagram Stories, being fed into the platform. You can now see the engagement data of your Stories in Social Studio.


RIP Google+. No surprises here – Social Studio is phasing out content discovery from the Google+ API.


Facebook Recommendations are now filterable in Social Studio. This comes in response to the update of Facebook Reviews which saw them condensed into simply ‘Recommends’ or ‘Does Not Recommend’.

Facebook has also updated their organic targeting options with ‘interest’ now included as a field.

Command Centre

Social Studio Command Centre users are now able to share screens. This is a great update as information is able to be shared quickly without the need for logins to be shared with stakeholders.


Datorama has released it’s Social Studio data connector, meaning that data from Social Studio can be fed into a Datorama instance. We’re excited about Datorama and its ability to meld disparate data sets from different business units.

For a more concise view of all the updates, please see the update notes linked below.

If you have questions about how this affects your use of Social Studio, we’re happy to help – please contact us.

Social Studio January 2019 Release Notes

Happy 2019!
Dane, Paul and the team at Amicus

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