Social Studio: April Patch Notes

The April update to Social Studio brings some nice quality-of-life changes. Here’s a quick summary of each of the changes:

Analyse – Instagram Hashtag Listening

Instagram Hashtag Summary improves your ability to listen to your Instagram hashtags. Add new hashtags to your account in the Admin Menu (look for Instagram Hashtags in the left hand side). You can then generate custom dashboards based on these.

Instagram Hashtag Dashboard


Reviews are now available as a new Media Type within Social Studio, pulling in reviews from over 400 major sites, such as Amazon and Expedia. This allows you to monitor trends in reviews, drivers of positive or negative sentiment, as well as to filter reviews by star rating. It provides an at-a-glance overview of what people around the web are saying about your products.


Engage – Predefined Replies

Save your Community Managers some time by integrating replies to frequently asked questions into Social Studio. You can create these in the Admin menu under Engagement Responses. They’re not Workspace-specific, so any of your users can select from a common pool of predefined responses. Once these have been created, there’s a new “Select Response” option beneath the content window once a user clicks to reply.


Other Notes:

YouTube content (both comments and videos) now lives under a dedicated Media Type, rather than being included with generic “Videos”. You may wish to update any topic profiles that focus on video accordingly.

It’s possible to allocate the same social media account to multiple different Workspaces. With the new calendar functionality, you can now easily see all posts that are scheduled to go live with a particular account, regardless of which Workspace the content was created in. This allows you to easily avoid scheduling posts on top of one another by accident. Simply go into your Workspace settings and click Sharing.

You can view the full update details here.

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