Radian6 Features End of Life Announcement

Radian6 Engagement Console, Summary Dashboard and Mobile App won’t be availble from June 2017.

Today (February 22nd, 2017), we noticed this announcement on the Salesforce Knowledge Base.

Essentially, it means that Radian6’s Engagement Console, Summary Dashboard and Mobile App will not be available from June this year. If you’re currently using any of these features of Radian6, you’ll need to move across to Social Studio.

We’ve set up a micro-site to help you migrate across from Radian6 to Social Studio and we’ll continue to update this as we get news from Salesforce.

Of course, if you’d like us to help you out, we’ve done lots of these migrations before! Contact us now to get started.

Author: Derek Harris

Derek is passionate about Digital Communications. He’s worked in the industry since 2001, and is currently completing an Internet Communications degree. He’s held a number of different roles, such as Online Producer, Product Manager and Social Analyst, which gives him a unique perspective on communications and their impact on the audience. His specialisation is convergence, which aligns different media to deliver a consistent message.

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