Holster your “Omni Channel Personalization”

Marketing, as a discipline, is defined by conflict. From the attention of the consumer to your share of the internal marketing budget, there is fierce competition at every stage of the cycle. As more new platforms and technologies come online the complexity of planning and the multi-directional pull on each dollar increases.

  • Creative teams lament the loss of human insight as they are being stretched to deliver more versions for more channels, limiting their ability to craft great work.
  • Media company’s manage relationships with the same platform partners that are directly seducing their clients.
  • Brands want effectiveness, but also to diversify their media portfolio to make it more risk-averse… and go to Cannes with Twitter.

The latest and strongest pull on that dollar (or mind) is the Marketing Technology field. Martech is now the single biggest budget allocation inside marketing budgets, at 29 per cent according to Gartner.

CMO’s and CCO’s are increasingly in need of those who speak IT as fluently as marketing; those who believe customer experience and predicting customer’s needs contribute to their brand as much as, well “branding”. Everyone is concerned about missing out on the incredible potential of the next generation of marketing tools, but it’s not easy with Martech’s inherent complexity.

There’s not a clear north star to help you navigate, however by applying some learnings from the mistakes of the past when it comes to marketing departments and agency business models, it’s possible to lay out some solid direction before we even begin the journey.

Too often there are environments where business models prevent progress, integration of departments is seen as a complication and people aren’t clear on the metrics that matter.

Here are some thoughts on steps to Martech success:

Put down your ego and start speaking the same language: Encourage a humble environment where peoples skillsets are heard. Marketing was once about simple clear language. I’ve been to meetings where most of the people in the room are lost in the first 5 minutes because of acronyms, jargon and bullshit. It doesn’t make you smarter it makes everyone dumber

 Know going in what a win looks like:  Customer centric communications a long game. By clearly articulating short term business goals, you will learn about the technology and a contribute to what seems like a sometimes-mythical future state.

Choose your weapon wisely: Identify what you want to achieve, then choose your Martech platform/provider, not the other way around. There’s a huge variety in cost, complexity and functionality out there, do your due diligence to ensure that you find the right balance for your business, and be sure to keep an eye on future scalability of that given platform. Switching CRMs or DSPs further down the road is a costly and painful process. It’s also not a pleasant conversation to have with your CFO.

Add creativity to tech solution briefs and vice versa: It’s easy to lose sight of the huge impact that “persuasive creativity” has on the success of a campaign. Make it a rule to not present a purely tech solution to a business problem without at least a thought of what It could mean for the customer on a human level. It goes both ways, add Martech solutions to creativity – David Ogilvy famously said “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative” CX and CRM are you best channels to help sell ideas because clients already paying for them.

 Drive adoption: You’d think that it would go without saying that if you buy something and nobody uses it, you’ve wasted both money and an opportunity. Yet “We’ve been paying this for years, but nobody uses it… can you come in and train us how to use it?” isn’t uncommon.  Start off slowly, create a project around a business challenge, that can consequently demonstrate clear benefits. Manage change, celebrate small win’s, particularly amongst your daily users who may be rusted on to an old system that they prefer to the new one due to their familiarity.

With Marketing technology in the mix, the people, companies and agencies that will succeed are the ones where technical people, creative folk and leaders in performance media collaborate.

Who knows, just maybe the customer might not be an assumed persona slide in the future.

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The next step in our journey

Three years ago, Jessie and I launched Amicus Digital with the purpose of helping our customers deliver the very best experience to their consumers through the use of data and market leading technology. We chose Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the best platform. And we sought to hire only those people who shared our vision and values, who are curious, who demand excellence and who have a genuine passion for helping their customers.

We chose our brand, Amicus, because it means friend which is what we aspire to be to our customers – to provide support and guidance but also to challenge and constructively critique. Our first employees were teachers and trainers, consultants who were passionate about empowering their customers and helping them be self-sufficient.

This focus on the customer, on being a friend, permeates everything we do and has led to us developing a reputation for collaboration, flexibility and service to our customers in an industry which is more familiar with rigidity, dry processes and technical jargon.

There was very clearly a need for our style of consultancy because in the short time since we started, we have had the pleasure of serving many of Australia’s best brands – organisations that a business as young as ours has no right to expect to work with. And yet barely a month goes by where we are not humbled by the faith of another leading organisation choosing us as their partner.

Our success has been driven by the passionate determination of our team. It takes a special group of people to take a risk and join a small, unknown start up and to choose to bring their individual talents and experience to help create something different. We are incredibly fortunate to have the team we do who choose us over more established players because they believe in what we do and want to be involved.

Today Amicus Digital takes a huge step forward in its pursuit of helping organisations use technology to transform their customers’ experiences. Today we join the Dentsu Aegis Network following our acquisition by Merkle, one of the world’s leading communications groups. Merkle shares our passion for the customer and for what technology can enable. Working alongside our new colleagues provides us with the tools, experience and scale to allow us to do what we do even better, whilst continuing to deliver in the way that has set us apart from the very beginning.

A huge thank you from Jess and me to our team, customers and partners for bringing us this far. We are tremendously excited about what the future holds.

Amicus Digital finalists in Telstra Business Awards

Amicus Digital is proud to be announced as a finalist in the New Business category of the Telstra Business Awards.

Amicus Digital is proud to be announced as a finalist in the New Business category of the Telstra Business Awards. The awards, which celebrate 25 years in 2017, honours the achievements of Australia’s best small and medium businesses.

This year the awards have been focused on what it takes to be ‘that’ business—an innovative, resilient and trusted business; a business that drives results, a business that inspires.

Amicus Digital have been nominated for helping businesses find the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, using training, research, analytics, and strategy to inspire results.

The nomination is a huge accomplishment for Amicus Digital, with Blair Cooke and Jessie Mitchell seeing it as recognition of the entrepreneurial culture they’ve built, and the hard work the team have done.

“We’re up against some tough competition, so winning is by no means assured,” said Cooke of the nomination, “But just making it this far is such a humbling acknowledgement of what our fantastic team has achieved so quickly.”

Amicus Digital says special thanks to their team, their customers, their friends and family, all of who have played an integral role making Amicus Digital the largest independent Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist in Australia.

Winners of the 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Awards will be announced on Tuesday 18 July, at Sydney Town Hall. For more information, including the full list of finalists, please visit telstrabusinessawards.com.