Changes to Salesforce Social Studio’s Facebook listening functionality

Salesforce have announced forthcoming changes to Social Studio’s Facebook listening functionality. This will impact how you currently use Social Studio’s Engage and Analyze functions.

Facebook recently announced a change which affects all social listening tools, as part of a privacy initiative. From October 16, 2017, it will no longer be possible for social listening tools to listen to posts on Facebook pages – unless you own the page.

What does this mean? For the time being, Facebook posts on pages you don’t own will not be available in Social Studio Analyze reports. For your owned Facebook pages, you’ll continue to be able to use Social Studio Publish and Engage to manage and engage with posts and messages.

Historical data which has been gathered prior to October 16 will remain available, but any new posts from that date onwards won’t be gathered.

What’s next? We believe that Facebook are developing a new insights tool which will provide some functionality for understanding Facebook audiences through social listening tools. We’ll post on our blog as we learn more.

If you have questions about how this affects your use of Social Studio, we’re happy to help – please contact us.

Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash